The Impossible Quiz – Where not everything is what it should

The Impossible Quiz was primarily invented by inXile’s Sparkworkz, and it is a quiz game. Its name comes from the fact that it is impossible to know everything in this life and the game is full of relative and tricky questions you have to answer or sometimes find the trick to move to the next level. This game could result addictive because of the tendency that we humans have on wanting to win at everything, so when we don’t accomplish something we keep on trying until we do.

Impossible QuizInstructions:

You have to try to complete the quiz by answering all of the questions, for that you will need good logic, quick reflexes, luck, and to be good and fast with the mouse. If you have played the first game, that will help you too. You will also have to be able to think outside the box.

Not all of the possible answers of the questions are really what you need to do to get through the next level. You should be able to think logically and illogically sometimes. There are some levels that you will have to put your entire mind into and some where you will answer quite fast.


If a bomb appears on your screen you will have to be fast. If you let the timer mark cero the game is automatically over. Time markers can be between fifteen to one second.

Power Ups:

There are also two power ups that are hidden through the game. You can collect up to three skips that will help you to skip any question you want. There are some creatures called the “Fusestoppers” which can destroy bombs if you click on them when they are awake, there are three of them throughout the game too.


You will have to use your keyboard and mouse.

So remember not everything is as it seems in Impossible Quiz Unblocked.